The Ottawa Valley Lifesaving Club is a community-based lifesaving and lifeguarding sport club nationally recognized for excellence and progressiveness.


Our Philosophy

OVLC believes in participation
- Every member must feel free to participate in the club as they see fit.
- Some members will compete, practice, coach, and/or officiate. 
- Others will just focus on one area of interest. 

OVLC believes in maximizing individual potential
- Club members are encouraged to set goals and use the resources of the club to help achieve them.
- Through the club our members should be able to achieve greater individual success than if they were acting alone.

OVLC is not exclusive
- If members cannot find a team within the club for a specific event they are encouraged to continue their participation with individuals outside of the club
- Established teams or individuals who represent other clubs are encouraged to become OVLC members for the purposes of training only - without needing to change their competitive affiliation.


Fun, Fitness, Competition, and Lifesaving Skills


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