Pool Lifesaving

Pool Lifesaving provides athletes with an opportunity to challenge their fitness level while enhancing skills that are useful in emergency response situations. Practices include a swim workout mixed with hands-on experience using lifesaving equipment such as fins, rescue tubes, manikins, obstacles, and throw ropes. Athletes who are interested in competition have the opportunity to attend regional competitions throughout the fall and winter to ramp up for the Ontario Pool Lifesaving Championships in March and the Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships in the late Spring. 

 OVLC offers regular training sessions on Sunday nights at the Nepean Sportsplex. Whether you're interested in a new workout or giving competition a try, we encourage everyone to come on out! Questions? Email lifesaving@ovlc.ca 

Pool Lifesaving Events

200m Obstacle Swim

Very similar to the 200m swimming race, athletes must complete the distance as fast as possible, but for an added challenge also have to dive underneath an obstacle each 25m.

100m Rescue Medley

Athletes race 50m to a wall, turn, and immediately swim 17.5m underwater to a manikin. Once they pick up the manikin they can surface, and carry it the remaining 37.5m back to the wall. This event is only raced in Long Course pools. 

100m Carry with Fins

Wearing fins, athletes race 50m to a manikin, pick it up, and carry the manikin 50m back.

100m Tow with Fins

Wearing fins and carrying a rescue tube, athletes race 50m to a manikin, secure the manikin in the rescue tube, and tow the manikin 50m back.

50m Carry

This event is all about the speed. Athletes sprint 25m to a manikin, pick it up, and carry him back 25m. 

200m SuperLifesaver

This event combines the skills used in other races to determine who is the "super" lifesaver. Athletes sprint 75m, where they pick up a manikin, carry it for 25m to the wall, where they drop off the manikin and put of fins and a rescue tube. They then swim 50m, secure a manikin in their rescue tube and tow it 50m back to the wall. Talk about a challenge! 

Line Throw

In teams of two, the "thrower" coils and throws a rope out to the "catcher" waiting 12.5m away. When the catcher can reach the rope, the thrower tows them back in. There's no room for mistakes in this event because the best teams only take 10 to 15 seconds to complete it!

4x50m Medley Relay

The Medley Relay has a role for athletes of different strengths. The first swimmer sprints a 50m freestyle. The second swimmer sprints 50m, but using fins. The third swimmer takes off for their 50m sprint with a rescue tube. At the end of their length, the fourth swimmer, wearing fins, takes the tube from the third swimmer. The third swimmer then grabs on to the other end of the tube and is towed 50m by the fourth swimmer to finish off the race!

4x50m Obstacle Relay

Each member of a 4-person team races 50m, passing underneath an obstacle once per 25m, relay style. The fastest team wins. 

4x25m Manikin Relay

Each team member takes a turn carrying a manikin for 25m before passing it off to the next teammate, until all 4 members have gone and the manikin has travelled 100m total.